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Ricky Jones – Sunset In Madagascar

Mombasa based Ricky Jones was one of the first artists we featured on the blog back we stared in 2014 with Fire featuring Melo. He has a thing for great summer tracks such as...


Tribesmen – Masala

Tribesmen from Mombasa have been making amazing tracks for a while now. Since we heard their track Dhamiri we were smitten by their talent. (Dhamiri remains one of my favorite tracks) This new song Masala...


Farhaan Butt – Blue Sea (Original Mix)

This little gem by Farhaan Butt (lol :D) from Mombasa is one of the few trance tracks by Kenyan EDM producers.Kenyans don’t seem to produce trance much I don’t know if it is because...



its going to be a good summer…. my very first deep house track …everything made from scratch…epic production journey… the ability to express emotion through sound still baffles me.. enjoy the sound of the...

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