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Bandana Gang – Awaken (ft. Irony Destroyed)

This song is the result of two band combining forces, one group electronic, the other a Metalcore, Post-Hardcore, Pop-Punk Rock band. The outcome is an amazing Metalstep track that only lacks harsh distorted metal...


Basthma – Mary Jane

A track about your favorite friend who  seldom lets you down and the track lasts exactly 4.20 😉 minutes. Basthma is back with a new trap song after his release of Martin Garrix‘ Forbidden...


Sound Safari 004 – Guest L3GS

Yasss! We are back again on the interweb with one hour of the best Kenyan eletronic music. Being the fourth episode,we had to be cheeky and have an effing foursome 3:) on the guest...

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