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Eric K – phi

Eric K is driving on his own lane that lots of people cant catch up. His soundcloud bio description is ‘the artist herein is a work in progress, much like this bio‘. If this...


Quassa – Science

Quassa seems to be the only one having chills. Science is an amazing mid tempo chillout track defined by its lush pads which drive the track with and amazing wind section. This is a...


Art and Sound – The Amazing Sketch

Producer and artist, Sketch Mazing is doing great stuff in contributing to the growth of Nairobi’s art culture. If he is not drawing kick ass cartoons, Sketch is busy crafting heavy music with deep...


Macxwell – LDT (Original Mix)

Macxwell uploaded this LDT jam 18 days ago (We just saw the submission,sorry bruh). On the track description, the words “Revolution…new ideas and diversity” are written. The track starts off with a nice melody...


Brian Bett – Hold On

Brian Bett is back again. This time with a sexy future bass track that has lush piano chords and hard hitting synths. Released six days ago, Hold On has a nice chill yet bouncy...


EP Review: Kelectro By Jezzem

Track Count: 7 Release Date: 27.1.16 RATE 4.3/5     When you are trying to introduce a new genre, what do you do? You release a series of remixes and a few original tracks,...

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