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Future Bass is Not Dead! – Arnold

Future Bass is not dead seems the message Arnold, a member of DJ/producer group Yoki Hars wants to pass. Moment 37 is not so different from Arnold’s previous projects (Squadbear, Nate, Hug A Zombie)...

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Review: Hendrick – Evolution EP

This EP displays creative, technically proficient electronic dance music with some crisp vocal chop harmonies. Amongst the many EP’s that have been released this year by the new wave of Kenyan producers, ‘Evolution’ stands...


Wamae – Remixed EP

Wamae Remixed EP DL 4.5/5 Chris Wamae occupies a unique space in the Kenyan electronic music scene (Especially now that he has signed with hip hop power house CMG). Despite being a member of...


EP Review: Kelectro By Jezzem

Track Count: 7 Release Date: 27.1.16 RATE 4.3/5     When you are trying to introduce a new genre, what do you do? You release a series of remixes and a few original tracks,...

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Wamae – S.O.F.T.L.Y The EP

It is always a great pleasure when one of Wamae’s releases arrives in your promo inbox. I remember my first encounter with Wamae’s tracks back in 2014 with his dubstep remix of Lectronica Circle’s...

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