Category: House


Covgie – Brave (Original Mix)

“This is for the brave. The dancers,the believers, the lovers and the warriors” Covgie is back again with a massive dance tune. Four minutes straight of nothing but massive energy and dancing vibes. Listen...


EDM Weeks – Bigroom Saturdays

Greetings fellow music lovers, I figured if i am to begin my posts i will begin from home. I am back with another track that really caught my eye, or rather ears. This track...


Macxwell – LDT (Original Mix)

Macxwell uploaded this LDT jam 18 days ago (We just saw the submission,sorry bruh). On the track description, the words “Revolution…new ideas and diversity” are written. The track starts off with a nice melody...


Ricky Jones – Sunset In Madagascar

Mombasa based Ricky Jones was one of the first artists we featured on the blog back we stared in 2014 with Fire featuring Melo. He has a thing for great summer tracks such as...


Vilov – HOLGA

Been a while since we had from Vilov and he is back with an amazing sampled sound as heard in his new track HOLGA. I love how different this track is, the breakbeats and...

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