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#FollowBackFriday Image Dump 002

Just let the Chinese do their thing (Everyday I’m Hustling). The logic is stupid but right. Isn’t it Was this what Paul van Dyk was thinking when he released The Politics Of Dancing 1,...


#FollowBackFriday Meme Dump 001

Every Friday we are going to have a Meme Dump, a collection from the vast depths of the internets. We shall strive to share EDM related  humor except on special occasions when we shall...


3 Yoki Hars Remixes You Have To Hear

Yoki Hars have been some of our favorite artists since we started here at EDM Kenya, we have featured them several times and even done an interview with them. They will be soon releasing...


EDM Kenya’s Producer List 2015

It is that time of the year again when we publish a list of producers who have made ripples with their music throughout the year. Being the second list (You can check out last...


Wireless 2015: Kenya’s First Silent Disco

What is a Silent Disco? Silent Discos are events where party goers listen to music through special wireless headphones as opposed to the more conventional way of playing it out of speakers.Because of this...

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