Author: Hezzy Okello


Headbuzz – Wizzle

Been a while since i listened to big room since its on its way out having been replaced by other genres such as trap, deep house and tropical house. This artist delivers a track...


D33P6 – Zulogy

D33p6 Aka Ian Shiundu is a Kenyan producer specialising in deep and afro house. In the past he was known as fuzzkill mostly did electro and progressive music. Zulogy is an afrodeep house track,...


Vilov – Way To Heaven

Music Producer Vilov aka Steve Mbeche recently lost his brother and to commemorate him he did this drum & bass track called way to heaven from his upcoming EP. We don’t get to hear...


Paul Nayoki – Dreams

“Don’t let your dreams be dreams” Paul Nayoki is a Kenyan in the United States about to release his debut EP titled Barely Slept But Still Chasing Dreams. This track dreams is from the...


Bandana Gang – Awaken (ft. Irony Destroyed)

This song is the result of two band combining forces, one group electronic, the other a Metalcore, Post-Hardcore, Pop-Punk Rock band. The outcome is an amazing Metalstep track that only lacks harsh distorted metal...

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