Author: Hezzy Okello


Vilov – HOLGA

Been a while since we had from Vilov and he is back with an amazing sampled sound as heard in his new track HOLGA. I love how different this track is, the breakbeats and...


#FollowBackFriday Image Dump 002

Just let the Chinese do their thing (Everyday I’m Hustling). The logic is stupid but right. Isn’t it Was this what Paul van Dyk was thinking when he released The Politics Of Dancing 1,...


BROULAx – Presence

Latin house inspired track by BROULAx, we haven’t featured him before but he has a number of tracks on his Soundcloud. This track is quite something despite a few mixing flaws. Its is charcterised...


#FollowBackFriday Meme Dump 001

Every Friday we are going to have a Meme Dump, a collection from the vast depths of the internets. We shall strive to share EDM related  humor except on special occasions when we shall...

wamae softly ep 0

Wamae – S.O.F.T.L.Y The EP

It is always a great pleasure when one of Wamae’s releases arrives in your promo inbox. I remember my first encounter with Wamae’s tracks back in 2014 with his dubstep remix of Lectronica Circle’s...


Trice – Paradise (Original Mix)

Trice, an anonymous tropical house producer recently sent me a link to his soundcloud account and his music is amazing so far. His first release titled Paradise incorporates wide bass heavy kicks characteristic of...

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