Author: Hezzy Okello

Eric K - Other Side 0

Eric K – Other Side

Eric K is currently the only Kenyan Techno producer i have found and currently know of and despite there being very few techno producers, he is rather good at music making. His previous track...

Wamae - I Dream Of You 0

Wamae – I Dream Of You

Been while since we shared sounds from Wamae. We last shared his Remixed EP which we reviewed at 4.5/5, an amazing release. This November he is back with a chill trap track to create...

ned stark layalina 0

Ned Stark – Layalina

Ned is definite one of my favorite producers. Been listening to his electronic and trance music releases for a while and i have been constantly impressed. He evolves, is consistent and has exceptional music to...


Kamaru & Hendrick – Feeling

These two fellas, Kamaru and Hendrick have individually delivered good tracks previously which we published on this blog including Nancynan and Tears. This tropical house collaboration only seeks to cement their presence and prove...


Quantum – Nairobi

Nairobi is possibly the best city in east and central Africa and this track pays homage to that. If you have never been to Nairobi, be sure to make your way here soon and enjoy the...


Alex.Immer – 8Bit Seduction.

Found something nice in our inbox. We havent yet gotten submissions for Chiptune/8 bit (remember the songs from you old nintendo?) music, but Alex.Immer came delivered some I was excited even before listening to...

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