Author: Fita


Rain Man No Longer Part Of Krewella

Kris Trindl, better known as Rain Man is no longer part of the awesome trio,Krewella. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Rain Man is suing the group $5 Million Dollars! Below is the statement fro...


Taylor Swift Brozone’s Avicii

So this photo has been doing rounds in the internet for a couple of days now. I must say,the one who did it has an eye for look-alikes. But what got me interested is...


Sorry Guys,House Music Fiesta Cancelled

The House Music Fiesta(HMF) 3rd installment which was supposed to go down on 4th October has been cancelled. Such a bomber but we have to accept. Event has been cancelled due to management issues...


Earthdance Nairobi Full Line Up Announced!

6:AM have just announced the full line up for the Earthdance Nairobi 2014 which will be happening in Migaa, Kiambu. Here is the statement from their social media acount: Earthdancers! Its time to announce...


David Guetta Needs To Ease Off The EDM

I am seriously laughing as I write this. Recently I had an argument with a close friend of mine and his point of argument was that EDM Djs and performers take a lot of...


Zedd’s Wish List & New Album

Zedd’s fans can now take a breath after the 25 year old Russio-German (Combination of Russian and German,I couldn’t find a better word for that) confirmed that he has now fully recovered from a...

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